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Document & Information Accessibility

Unlock new opportunities by promoting inclusivity for all, leaving no one behind.

Unlock new opportunities with our advanced solutions designed to ensure document and information accessibility.

In an increasingly digitized world, accessibility has become more than just a legal obligation, it’s a social responsibility. Document & Information Accessibility is centered around the idea that all your business information, including PDFs, emails, websites, and other digital content – should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of any disabilities they may have. 

This practice not only promotes inclusivity but also enhances the scope of your business by providing equal opportunities for everyone to access your services and products. Our solutions are designed to make your digital content comprehensible, navigable, and usable by all. Step into a world of inclusivity and discover new business opportunities with our Document and Information Accessibility solutions



  • Improved Inclusivity: We ensure your digital content is accessible to everyone, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our solutions comply with international accessibility standards, reducing the risk of penalties.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Accessible documents and information offer a superior user experience, thereby boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Wider Reach: With accessibility, you can reach a broader audience, enhancing the potential of your business.
  • Positive Brand Perception: Through your commitment to accessibility, you demonstrate that you value all customers equally, enhancing your brand image.

We’ve seen this before

Remember, Document & Information Accessibility is not just about compliance, it’s about creating an inclusive and accessible environment. In the digital age, an inaccessible document or piece of information could inadvertently exclude a significant portion of your potential customer base. Let us help you create this environment with our cutting-edge accessibility solutions. See how we have helped before:

1. Situation

An insurance company faces the challenge of making digitally generated communication materials, such as policy updates, invoices, and promotional emails, accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities. Documents are generated from various systems.

2. Action

Insqope’s accessibility solutions can audit and remediate documents on the fly. After a brief initial template configuration to understand the types of documents being produced, the system was capable of auto tagging and adapting existing and new documents.

3. Result

The company succeeded in making its digital communications accessible, including those generated from disparate systems. This not only made the company compliant with existing accessibility regulations, but also significantly improved the user experience for customers with disabilities

Does your company produce essential documentation in formats that aren't compliant with accessibility standards, posing a legal risk and excluding a segment of the audience?

We’ll walk the road with you to implement the appropriate accessibility solution that can assess, remediate, and create documents to be compliant with standards such as WCAG and PDF/UA, to name a few.

Are you distributing transactional documents like invoices, statements or policy documents that are not accessible to individuals with disabilities, causing customer dissatisfaction?

Employ accessibility solutions capable of converting transactional documents into accessible formats automatically. We’ll make sure that you’re not unintentionally leaving anyone behind, or feeling excluded.

Does your business manually create and manage accessible formats like PDF/UA, Braille, large text, and audio which is time-consuming and error-prone?

We can show you how using a comprehensive accessibility solution that automates the creation of various accessible document types from a single source file will greatly advance your own strategic goals of inclusivity, while creating minimal business impacts.

Is this new to you, or your company does not have in-house expertise in creating accessible documents, potentially leading to non-compliance and customer dissatisfaction?

 Partner with us, an accessibility solutions provider & specialist who can offer consultation, training, assessment and remediation services to ensure all communications and policies are up to standard.

Are you worried that it seems like your company only addresses accessibility issues after a complaint is received, which can harm the brand and result in financial penalties?

Lets work together to proactively assess and remediate all documents and information to make them accessible, using reliable accessibility solutions that offer ongoing compliance monitoring.

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